Our Vision

To simplify people's digital lives and develop a new model of engagement that is centred around trust, transparency and control.

About Deets

Deets was born from a feeling of frustration whilst amending personal details online. After both moving house and changing email address in the space of one year, the co-founders set about trying to tackle a problem which had caused them to miss out on valuable communication from companies, and that sometimes even resulted in fines. The time they seemed to spend updating numerous online accounts was far too long, and also highlighted the lack of transparency over who even had their personal details. Deets is building one solution, which will align the interests of both ordinary people and companies, and create a world where no incorrect post, email or phone call is ever sent or received again.

Jonny Foster

Co-founder and CEO

Iain Richardson

Co-founder and CTO

James Pack

Software developer

Chris Fulford

iOS developer